8 Ball Kush


8 Ball Kush is an indica dominant hybrid. 8 Ball Kush is the success of the experiences through the years.

This strain is easy to grow. The plant has an excellent resistant to mould and fungus. It’s suitable both for indoor and outdoor cultivations.

The plant produces great yields during the growing in soils and hydroponics systems. Usually the plant is short and reaches 60 cm in tall. Flowering takes just 55 days and plants bring the crops of 450 gr/m2. It is surprisingly high result for so little plant. The buds are compact and dense.

The strain has a high level  THC and a low level of CBD that provide a very powerful, physical effect.

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8 Ball Kush,A high-THC indica strain, 8 Ball Kush is a spot-on hybrid of the timeless Bubba and King Kush strains. This strain exhibits sativa-like qualities at the start, with a terpene profile that gives it a smooth, earthy scent, punctuated by spicy and citrusy accents. 8 Ball Kush’s indica qualities reveal themselves later on, with the potential for couch-lock near the middle to end of the experience.

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Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, Linalool
This earthy and musky Kush is exactly what one should expect from ancient hash-making strains. After selecting and breeding the best Kush genetics originating from the mountainous areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan, 8 Ball Kush came to life. Professional breeders got together and put their best efforts into developing a pure, 100% indica strain, which induces psychedelic and spiritual highs. 8 Ball Kush is the manifestation of its originators’ vision.

8 Ball Kush is just perfect for making hash; its resinous essence and musk develop a tasty hash one can be proud to consume. This strain is quite short, reaching around 80–100cm in height—perfect for limited indoor spaces. The flowering time of 8 Ball Kush spans between 50–55 days, making it suitable for all kinds of climates.

Bred by Barney’s Farm, 8 Ball Kush is a pure indica variety descended from an Afghani landrace strain. Like many other cannabis varieties that come from the Hindu Kush region, 8 Ball Kush produces large amounts of crystal resin that blanket the buds. Its aroma is earthy and spicy, and you may find its effects to be more cerebrally stimulating than the average indica. A hardy and resilient plant, 8 Ball Kush has a 50 to 60 day flowering time indoors while outdoor gardens finish at the end of September.


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