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Banana Blast Candy contains 6 individual candies, Each 25mg of active ingredient. Banana Candy has a THC content of 150mg per package.  Buy Blast Candy online.

Banana Candy are a delicious and easy way to medicate a variety of ailments.

  • THC Content: 25mg per piece/150mg per package
  • Dosage: Always consult a physician for recommended dosage based on your own individual needs. One pack of these candies contains 6 pieces of watermelon flavoured gummies, covered in a sour sugar to give a little bit of an acidic kick. Taste the difference quality can make.
  • Ingredients: Pure cannabis distillate, high fructose corn syrup, water, sugar, corn syrup. Contains 2% or less of: artificial flavouring, citric acid, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, artificial colour.

Banana Blast Candy is a delicious and easy way to medicate a variety of ailments. Banana Candy contains 6 individual candies. One pack of these candies contains 6 pieces of watermelon flavored gummies, enclosed in a sour sugar to provide a little bit of an acidic kick. Banana  Candy contains THC content of 150mg per package. It has been made to smooth out wrinkles whilst providing firmness and elasticity. If you want to maintain your youthful glow then Banana Candy Blast can help you attain this by working in your skin.

There are several ways to consume weed, with the most popular methods being vaping and smoking. However, some people, especially medical marijuana patients, snub the idea of inhaling smoke. This led to the invention of cannabis-infused edibles, which are more acceptable and beneficial. The Banana Blast Candy for sale is one such groundbreaking product that offers a delicious alternative to smoking. A single pack contains six pieces of fruity-flavored gummies coated with sour sugar. Some of its key ingredients include:

  • pure cannabis distillate
  • 25mg THC per piece
  • sugar
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • less than 2% artificial flavoring

Most people choose to buy Banana Blast candies to take advantage of its medical benefits. The effective combination of therapeutic compounds in these gummies has shown to reduce pain, muscle spasm, anxiety, stress, and sleeping disorders. The fact that it lasts longer than other ingestion methods makes it a good option for long-lasting relief. Furthermore, they are savory and healthy for daily consumption.

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