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Banana Hammock strain , commonly known as “Banana Hammock R1,” is an unique indica-dominant hybrid strain produced by combining the legendary Grape God and Mandarin Sunset strains.
Despite its amusing moniker, Banana Hammock is a patient favorite due to its wonderful flavor and uplifting effects.
This bud has a sweet and syrupy honey flavor with tropical fruit and tart lime undertones.
The scent is equally as pleasant, with a similar character and a hint of fresh soil.
Soon after your final toke, the Banana Hammock settles in, striking the mind first before spreading its tingling sensation of peace throughout the body.

You’ll feel elevated and calm, with a sensation of exhilaration that will push any unpleasant or racing ideas out of your mind.
After that, you’ll experience a relaxing body high that will put you in a condition of complete bodily peace and comfort.
Banana Hammock is frequently suggested for experienced patients suffering from illnesses like as sleeplessness, chronic stress or anxiety, depression, or mood swings because to these effects and its very high average THC content of 22-27 percent.
Super thick elongated pepper-shaped deep olive green nugs with rich purple overtones, brilliant orange hairs, and a covering of thick and hefty frosty white crystal trichomes characterize this bud.

Seed genetics

Banana Hammock R1 is a feminized cannabis plant produced by Ethos Genetics seed bank from a hybrid between two highly tasty types, Grape God and Mandarin Sunset.
These two kinds have a strong terpenic character, making for an amazing tropical fruit cocktail with a lot of psychoactivity.

This Indica/Sativa hybrid’s growth responds well to various growing methods; topping is advised for a high number of buds.
It’s also a good idea to employ the SOG approach, which allows you to optimize a large number of plants per m2 for a high-yielding crop.

The blooming period of Banana Hammock R1 lasts around 55 to 60 days, and it produces medium-sized rocky buds with big calyxes and a dense trichome coating, making it perfect for resin extraction.
According to the genotype, this colorful and attractive cannabis plant produces beautiful purple colors that will brighten up your yard.

To keep the plants upright and maximize bud development, staking or using support meshes is suggested.
This cultivar has a great calyx leaf ratio and is very easy to care for.

THC Content

Its high THC levels of 22-25 percent and CBD concentration of 1-2 percent produce a long-lasting strong impact, as well as a calming and therapeutic effect.
The morphological variability of this plant is modest, while the floral variability is medium.
It has a strong terpene profile that assures a lot of flavor transfer when eaten.

moreover It has a tropical fragrance and flavor profile with honey and grape undertones that add a unique dimension.

Banana Hammock by Ethos Genetics:

Feminized cannabis seed is a kind of cannabis seed that has been feminized.

Grape God x Mandarin Sunset Indica/Sativa hybrid genetics

Flowering time indoors: 8-9 weeks

October is the month for harvesting outside.

Outdoor yield: >800g per plant Indoor yield: 600-800g per m2



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