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Candy Rain Strain was created by the Cookies team as a mix of Gelato and London Pound Cake.

Diesel, skunk, and spices are the most commonly reported smells of the Candy Rain strain.
It’s supposed to have a vanilla and spice flavor.

Candy Rain is a marijuana strain that is a cross between two different cannabis varieties.
The tastes and effects of Candy Rain are currently a work in progress.

Two of the most popular strains on the West Coast are London Poundcake and Gelato.
Cookies Fam Genetics, the cannabis equivalent of the Manning family in football, is responsible for both of them.
Anything with their brand on it will sell well, and the Candy Rain strain might be the next big thing.
Especially when you consider that it was bred…
Gelato-topped London Poundcake

It would be a letdown if combining the two strains produced anything other than bright purple blooms, yet that’s precisely what you get.
The purple base of each blossom is accented by little green leaves and tiny orange hairs.
The trichome coverage is a thing to behold, there’s not a single part not sparkling with sticky crystals.

Taste and smell

Candy Rain’s terpene profile slays the smell test with a sweet doughy aroma accented by a kushy earthiness.
It smells like a classic Cookies aroma, with equal parts sweet and OG Kush.
The smoke produces calming effects, as one might anticipate from two indica-hybrid parents.
This strain is also known for rousing the muse to whisper creative nothings via the smoke of your bong.


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