Cherry Pie Hash Oil


5 ml

Cherry Pie Hash Oil Details

Dose: ~687 mg of activated cannabinoids per ml (72% by weight) Total amount of THC in 10 ml Bottle is 6257 mg. (625.7 mg/ml)
Profile: THC dominant – 625.7 mg/ml activated THC, 5.9 mg/ml CBD, 17.0 mg/ml CBG, 1.4 mg/ml CBN, 14.2 mg/ml CBC (other cannabinoids listed below)
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Cherry Pie Hash Oil

Cherry Pie Hash Oil has a hint of cherry in the taste, it’s nice and smooth when smoked. Its texture and color are a bit runny with dark red tones. This oil has a good amount of CBD, for relief with chronic pain, headaches/migraines, backaches. It also helps with insomnia. The THC level is not too high, its a good balance with the CBD. Cherry pie oil is a good evening/night time high. Cherry pie oil is one of the most common forms of cannabis oil. Cherry pie oil can be used for its powerful medicinal effects in food infusion, topical applications or direct consumption via combustion. Cherry pie oil made with 99.9% isopropanol not butane like BHO. Cherry pie oil comes out with a golden / reddish tint giving it the signature cherry name. This oil averages between 68-75% THC – 3-5% CBD and contains a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes giving it a strong flavor with high medicinal value. Cherry Pie THC Oil can be used for its powerful medicinal effects in food infusion, topical applications or direct consumption via combustion.

Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain that is love for it’s fast-acting, subtle effects. Cherry Pie Oil Vape Cartridge. However, often referred to as a light Indica, this strain is known for its calming full-body relief. However, Patients report enjoying Cherry Pie for Stress, Depression, Pain relief, Lack of Appetite and Insomnia. Lab Tested Results Of Cherry Pie Oil Vape Cartridge: 500mg cannabis oil THC: 68.7% CBD: 0.40% CBN: 0.05% STRAIN HIGHLIGHT Cherry Pie’s parents

Cherry Pie by Cookie Family

The Indica-leaning, clone-only version of Cherry Pie from San Francisco is a hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and an F1 Durban Poison. The strain was originally bred by the Bay Area’s Pieguy and immediately cultivated by Jigga, head of genetics for Cookie Family.

During growth, the strain produces a hefty, dense flower that’s typically layered in trichomes and intertwined with rust-colored pistils. At the 2014 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, the strain won 3rd place in the Medical Sativa category.

Cherry Pie by Riot Seeds

Riot Seeds offers a cross of the female Cherry Pie clone-only strain and a male WCD 710 (West Coast Dawg/Sugenite OG). This Sativa-dominant hybrid Cherry Pie produces short plants with a maroon/purple coloration. The F1 plant’s flowering time is roughly 9 weeks.


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