Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies (50 mg)


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Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies Details

Dose: 50 mg activated cannabinoids (in one ~25g cookie)
Profile: CBD dominant – 6.2mg THC, 38.8mg CBD and 5.0mg other cannabinoids
Ingredients: butter, skippy peanut butter, white sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, all purpose flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder
Storage: We recommend that edibles be stored in the fridge or freezer to preserve freshness.
Sample submitted: Ganja Peanut Butter Cookie Notes: Each cookie weighs approx 25 g. Each cookie contains ~38.8 mg CBD (1.55 mg/g x 25g), ~6.2 mg THC and ~5.0 mg combined of CBG, CBN and CBC
Activated vs non-activated: activated cannabinoids are non-acidic (neutral) and are the form utilized by the human brain/ body. Activation occurs via heating (smoking, vaporizing, cooking). Cannabinoids in the natural plant are acidic (non-activated) and need to be converted to their neutral form in order to be utilized by the human body. Therefore one would expect fresh cannabis buds to contain mainly non-activated cannabinoids. Processed materials (baked goods, heated extracts) should be higher in the activated forms.
Absent Cannabinoids: if a cannabinoid or terpene is blank, it is not necessarily absent but below the limit of detection by the detector (usually less than 0.01%)

Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies (50 mg)

Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies (50 mg) , CBD dominant – 6.2mg THC, 38.8mg CBD and 5.0mg other cannabinoidsDo you love peanut butter as much as we do? Indulge in these yummy peanut butter cookies. We took our famous soft and chewy peanut butter cookies, just like the ones mom used to make, and infused them with our medical grade cannabis. This is a staff favorite around here and plenty of our friends and family agreed that it was the best ‘cookie’ they had ever eaten.

Additionally, one Peanut Butter Cookie bite is enough to take you back to sweet memories of savoury and sweet treats. The cookies can be of great help for you when struggling with depression, anxiety or mood swings. However, it’s essential to keep these edibles in a secret cooking jar away from children.

You will love the taste and scent of Peanut Butter Cookie. Made from a delightful recipe, these cookies have an insanely great taste. They have a rich peanut butter flavour with a crisp crunch that gives immediate THC kicks release. Also, the Ganja Baked cookies are rich chocolate flavours, which will leave you begging for more.

Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies (50 mg) comes in a pack for discreteness and convenience. Each cookie is infused with 50mg of pure food-grade marijuana oil.

Ganja Baked crafts Peanut Butter Cookie through the use of unique and potent ingredients. Some of these ingredients are cannabis oil, chocolate chips, vegetable oil and cocoa. Further, it has peanut butter, sugar, liquid whole eggs, cooking molasses, natural flavours and salt.

The new tasty cookies, Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies (50 mg), have a decent high. The cookie’s high takes about an hour to settle in. Once the effects take full effect, you will fall into your cannabis oasis. Further, it provides you with an effective entourage effect, with a balanced, euphoric experience and no hangover. The cannabis cookie can also contain those suffering from stress, fatigue and insomnia.

Are you searching for excellent quick dessert cannabis edibles? Well, Ganja Baked has the best dessert for you, Peanut Butter Cookie. It’s a new tasty cookie with a decent high. Apart from the mind-calming high, this detectable cookie can help you with your studies. They enhance your creativity and focus, helping you achieves your desires. Further, you can carry them for a long road trip to enjoy with friends.

Ganja Baked is a renowned marijuana products company based in Canada. It is a highly distinguished firm among marijuana edibles companies across the country. The company has mastered the craft of making exceptional marijuana products from a unique and original baking formula. Besides, the firm has invented a divine extraction process to get the best that the marijuana plant has to offer. While many companies have ventured into the sector of marijuana baked products, this one is unique! Instead of producing regular weed-based brownies where the cannabis content may seem off or ineffective, Ganja Baked infuses a precise dose of THC and CBD extracts into their delicious weed products.

Medical marijuana consumers need fresh, flavourful, and newer ways to ingest cannabis. Ganja Baker utilizes a unique set of recipes to craft incredibly delicious and tantalizing products in their classic snack that will wet your palette. Your taste buds will adore the taste and flavour in these treats, and your body will love the precise and comprehensive high that you will get. Besides, the creative flavour combination and blending of different tastes create unique ganja products that entice customers across Canada. Furthermore, Ganja Baked ensures all its products reach the customer with simple, cute, and fresh-assured packaging. This shows how much the company treasures marijuana consumers and its commitment to quality.

Ganja utilizes unique CO2 and cannabutter formulas to obtain rich, pure, and top-quality marijuana extracts. The extracts are then blended into their cannabis products using unique and authentic recipes for cookies, chocolate bars, and brownies. All the products in Ganja Baked’s portfolio are prepared by hand, mixed with precision, and baked to perfection to meet the precise needs of the consumers. Their uniquely designed fresh bags ensure these amazing ganja baked products reach the consumers in their original taste, flavour, and aroma. However, you may need to heat a brownie or a cookie for a few minutes to brighten up your senses and take your experience a notch higher.

Each product from this company, including the brownies, chocolate bars, and brownie batter, is infused with premium marijuana extract. These extracts are specific and top-quality as they undergo a rigorous lab-test process to certify their quality. However, if you are worried that the THC content in these products might overwhelm you, Ganja Baked products have varied strengths. The THC content in their products is right on the package in mgs. Thus, the accuracy of the intoxicating body stone and the positive head high from these edibles is something you cannot find in other weed edibles. Furthermore, if you are a Mary Jane consumer, you will love the vast product portfolio featuring chewy, crispy, soft-baked, super sweet, and crunchie brownies or cookies. Whatever your heart and mouth desires, there is a precise product for you.

Some of the flavours available in Ganja Baked’s product portfolio include oatmeal, chocolate chip, white chocolate marble bars, peanut cookies, marble brownies, and bear sour gummies. If you are undecided on your favourite flavour, try out the 5 pack mix and match treat consisting of various Ganja Baked yummies. The brownie batters from this company are slow-mixed with THC while their cookies are deeply infused with cannabis extracts, then baked into a soft yet crispy bite. On the other hand, the chocolate bars feature the classic break-apart cubicle bites infused with premium THC extract. All these options are there to give marijuana consumers a different feel of marijuana consumption. However, the products preserve the potency of marijuana and will rejuvenate your mood with head and body high effects.

The marijuana industry in Canada and globally is growing exponentially. Ganja Baked dedicates its craft to providing their customers with first-class customer service. Additionally, the company commits to providing a fantastic array of baked products infused with potent THC in each of their flavourful treats. This product portfolio comes with various marijuana goods infused with different extracts and new edible forms. The varied potency in Ganja Baked products is meant to help patients requiring different levels of THC to cure a plethora of illnesses. As such, these goodies stand out are exceptional remedies to mood disorders and physical body aches and pains. Besides, stoners can enjoy these products for recreational purposes to keep their mood elated and their minds active.

Ganja Baked’s treats are ideal for patients with sleep disorders, including insomnia, disturbed sleep, irregular sleep patterns, and restlessness. Besides, patients battling other illnesses such as arthritis, manic episodes, and bipolar depression can benefit from the healing properties of these products. The ideal selection for such patients would be the double chocolate chip cookies or the double fudge brownies. These products contain a precise amount of THC for consumers from Mary Jane’s world. The long-lasting and outstanding impact of these products will help such patients escape the chaos in their daily life.

In Canada, Ganja Baked is doing exemplary well to establish itself as a premium weed joint. However, this does not stop there. The company welcomes new baking ideas to broaden the consumer horizon with a layered cannabis baked product portfolio. As such, marijuana consumers can now enjoy some dope treats that will remind you of your childhood deserts. These products engulf high levels of THC in typical snacks and flavours to ramp up your cannabis experience. Moreover, these treats are the real deal for consumers seeking the medical benefits from marijuana or a sweet alternative to prescribed medicines.

For new consumers seeking to incorporate marijuana into their daily life, the edibles from Ganja Baked is a perfect start point. These treats are ideal for daytime or nighttime use, as well as an easy pair to your desert. When taken in the evening, these cookies will boost your mood and help you wind down after a stressful day at work. Ganja Baked maintains a close relationship with customers and values your feedback as a strategy for improving their treats and the overall consumer experience. Once you purchase their edibles, they will almost make you forget you can smoke marijuana buds. Besides, their medicinal properties will help you get a peaceful sleep and pain relief in a safe, tasty, and yummy way.


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