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Member OG strain , commonly known as “Memberberry,” is a 70 percent indica/30 percent sativa hybrid strain produced by combining the traditional Skunkberry and Mandarin Sunset strains.
You’ll be “membering” everything and more after just one hit of this delicious bud.
The high hits you hard and fast, transforming your mental state into pure pleasure and exuberant delight.
Then follows a giddy feeling that makes you giggle at anything that comes to mind, from long-forgotten recollections to current discussions to random ideas about nothing.
While your mind sails higher and higher, a gentle touch of physical relaxation will keep you rooted, alleviating aches and pains and relaxing tight muscles.

These effects, along with Member Berry’s very high 24-28 percent average THC content, make it ideal for treating depression, headaches or migraines, chronic stress, appetite loss or nausea, and chronic pain.
With a little skunky lemon-lime exhale, this bud offers a sweet and delicious berry taste.
The scent is strong sour orange with lemon-lime punches and a nasty skunky undertone.
Fat spade-shaped brilliant neon green nugs with dusty overtones, vivid orange hairs, and a covering of small golden amber crystal trichomes characterize Member Berry buds.


This Indica/Sativa hybrid produces pleasurable effects.
The high is gentle and easy to achieve, and you may then sink into a lovely, peaceful state.
Euphoria may strike suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving you feeling elevated and delighted.
You could be drowsy, but you’re not stuck on the sofa.
If you’ve had a difficult day or are having a lot of negative thoughts, smoking will make you feel calmer and those thoughts will go.

If you’re suffering from nausea, discomfort, or muscular cramping, the Member OG strain can assist a lot.
In addition, sleeplessness may be readily treated when taking big doses of this cannabis.
There is a minimal chance of experiencing dry eyes or mouth as one of the side effects.

Growing Suggestions

Anyone who wishes to cultivate this plant on their own has excellent news.
Seeds for Member OG are freely available on the internet.
Growers also claim that this plant is simple to cultivate and produces great harvests.
Flowering takes about 55-65 days on average.

member og strain yield

Ethos Genetics’ Member OG is a hybrid of Member Berry 21 and Temple Kush.
Ethos Genetics bred this strain as a limited release, and it features sweet and tart berry terpenes with gassy and flowery overtones.
The deep purple blooms that gleam like amethyst crystals are another feature of this strain.
Member OG? will be difficult to forget, to say the least.
member berry 21


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