OG Kush Cannabis Oil


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OG Kush Cannabis Oil Details

Some of the effects reported from OG Kush Cannabis Oil are:
* Relaxed
* Happy
* Euphoric
* Sleepy
* Hungry
Patients report OG Kush Cannabis Oil helps them manage:
* Anxiety
* Pain
* Insomnia
* Depression
* Lack of Appetite

OG Kush Cannabis Oil

OG Kush Cannabis Oil is a strong Indica strain, delivering heavy relaxation and sedative effects. The strong effects are felt throughout the entire body. Most patients report using OG Kush for sleep disorders, migraines and stress. OG Kush plays an important role as the genetic backbone of majority of west coast strains on the market. This ravishing Indica weed strain is embraced for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. Parent strains include a Chemdawg and a Hindu Kush, allowing for this cannabis flower to express a well balanced Indica experience. Pungent aromas of earthy pine and a sour lemon scent with woody undertones are very easily recognized. The terpenes and cannabinoids within cannabis are being studied for their potential to relieve pain and anxiety through the stimulation of our endocannabinoid systems, which is truly what medical marijuana is all about.


OG Kush Cannabis Oil CBD turns into slim, mid-sized and branchy plants with wide leaves and ample internodal spacing. Due to the influence of the CBD pure genetics hidden away in her, this plant is more Sativa than her predecessor, OG Kush: she’s taller, with larger internodes and a more open structure. Consequently, plant aeration is improved and she’s more resistant to mould and fungi.

Her spectacular taste is one of her greatest assets. The combination of lemony, fuelly, woody and spicy notes she puts at our disposal is simply irresistible. We’re sure that those who take pleasure in tasting complex flavours and aromas will go nuts when feeling the explosion in every drag. Consuming OG Kush CBD is like travelling right to the heart of California.

Here’s the nub of the matter. What makes this strain so special is the high CBD content that makes this DinaGirl accessible to all. CBD, a cannabinoid functioning as an antagonist of THC, regulates the typical THC-derived negative effects making the whole experience much more bearable and balanced. That’s why her effect is easier to put up with, more cerebral than physical and nicely euphoric.


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