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Platinum bubba og The homerun strain that will knock you off your feet! You may be feeling down on yourself from a buildup of stress and depression. Platinum Bubba Kush transports you into a new mindset, a mental hammock on a sandy Carribean beach. Platinum Bubba Kush erases chronic pain, getting you back in the driver’s seat of your body.

The Platinum Bubba strain is of the Indica variety and has a THC level of +20 percent. It has a flowering time ranging from 60 to 65 days. It produces a purple-coloured plant weighing around 125 grams and the strain has a greenish and rust colour. It is a commonly used platinum level strain that is perfect for people suffering from severe injuries and chronic pains. Platinum Bubba also has a strong effect on anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, migraine, stress and Parkinson’s disease. If you are suffering from any of these conditions and want to mitigate your pain, this strain is the right match for you.


It takes a couple of minutes to properly kick-start within your body, but it soon takes over your body and mind and puts you into a deep sleep. It relaxes you completely and most patients using it for chronic pain management hardly wake up during their sleep. It has a spicy aroma, but its flowers are sweet-tasting. Platinum Bubba is commonly used in California, but is now finding its way to several other locations as well. It suits most people, but does have the tendency to sometimes produce couch-lock in certain patients.

Platinum Bubba Kush OG

A child strain resulting from the beautiful marriage of Platinum OG Kush and the famed Bubba Kush, the Platinum Bubba Kush strain is an intensely powerful indica dominant hybrid that will give you the peace and relaxation you’ve long sought for! With THC levels that average up to 25% potency, the high is effectively uplifting and euphoric. It’s perfect for indica lovers and medical users alike! Long lasting, sedative and stress relieving, the Platinum Bubba Kush strain is what you should be reaching for when you’re needing a little pick me up or looking to settle down and relax for a while! With floral and spicy notes and sweet, woody flavours, this tasty indica will have you wanting more and more!


With your first few tokes, you might not notice any effects as the Platinum Bubba Kush actually takes a few minutes to kick in. While it is a slow starter, you still ought to be careful with usage since the effects of this strain are quite strong and intensive! The initial noticeable effects include uplift and a boost of energy, which can help elevate your mood and wash away fatigue, as well as stress, anxiety and depression. As the high progresses, you can sit back and relax as all negative thoughts and worries are washed away, and instead are replaced by happiness and euphoria.


platinum bubba strain  can be powerfully sedative, so those suffering from chronic pains, including those associated with migraines, fibromyalgia, inflammation and nausea will find relief as well. It can also help those dealing with insomnia. Many users report getting strong cases of the munchies as it stimulates appetite, so if you deal with eating disorders and loss of appetite, Platinum Bubba Kush will get you eating in no time. The high is long lasting as well, taking hold of users for up to several hours, so you ought to have your schedule cleared when using this strain!

THC Content

It is a hybrid strain and while some phenotypes are evenly balanced, it is more commonly founded to be indica leaning with this phenotype having a ratio of 80% indica dominance to 20% sativa. Its THC levels which range between 22% to 25% potency back its powerful high and allow for its intensive effects, making it the perfect medicinal strain! In comparison,.


Bubba Kush is a pure indica with lineage deriving straight from the mountains where Hindu Kush landraces are founded. One of the most well known and popular strains, its THC content averages at a staggering 27%. Its other parent, Platinum Kush OG, is a rather well rounded strain. A near pure indica with a ratio of 90% indica to 10% sativa, it offers a sedative high that is backed by up to 21% THC, as well as 1% CBN and 1% CBD.

Appearance & Aroma

Moreover  Platinum Bubba Kush nuggets are dense and tightly packed with a rounded shape. They are a bright olive green shade, with an abundance of long, thick amber orange pistils. Some batches may carry purple undertones, and they are finished with a silvery sheen of sugary, crystal trichomes. It is strongly earthy with classic kush notes of hashy spices and pungent skunk, though with a bit of a sweetness and floral twist! Upon exhale, however, its smoke has more of a sweet woody pine flavour which is pretty tasty and will have you wanting more! platinum bubba strain

Frequently Asked Questions About Platinum Bubba

What is Platinum Bubba?
Platinum Bubba is a hybrid cannabis strain with powerful relaxation and sedation qualities, according to those who had tried it.
The meaning of Platinum Bubba ?
more so Platinum Bubba pays homage to the Bubba Kush lineage through its name and the silver coating of trichomes on the buds that give it a platinum appearance.
Where does Platinum Bubba come from?
in addition Platinum Bubba strain comes from combining Bubba Kush and OG Kush to create this next-level hybrid strain.
Does Platinum Bubba smell like?
moreover Platinum Bubba smells like kush with pungent, sweet, and spicy notes along with light earth and floral undertones.
How does Platinum Bubba taste like?
more to that Platinum Bubba tastes smooth with notes of earth, floral, and spice.
 Platinum Bubba have color ?
 and more Platinum Bubba is bright green with a silver layer of trichomes that appears metallic.
 effects does Platinum Bubba have?
finally Platinum Bubba strain is uplifting and mellow while relaxation and sedation creep in that can put you to sleep, according to those who have tried it.
Is Platinum Bubba an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?


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