Platinum Yeti Strain


10% Sativa / 90% Indica Bred by The Humbolt Seed Organization (Platinum GSC x Yeti), this is some of the most powerful and exciting cannabis we have ever seen. An overwhelming smell of aged cheese is complemented by hints of fruit. Even experienced stoners find themselves in a weird place moments after consumption.

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Platinum Yeti strain is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Geistgrow. This strain was created for mass production. It has very heavy yields and the effects, having a Girl Scout Cookies heritage, are very powerful. The plant can grow indoors and outdoors. Platinum Yeti strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use.
Platinum Yeti cannabis strain gives a heavy hitting body high. It is strong and numbing.
Breeder: eistgrow. Strain Lineage: Platinum Yeti cannabis strain comes from a cross between Platinum Cookies and Yeti OG strains.

Platinum Yeti is a balanced hybrid cultivar that thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. The strain was bred to produce heavy yields of highly resinous flowers, which appear after approximately 68 days from planting indoors. Outdoor gardens reach full maturity by early October. In ideal conditions, Platinum Yeti produces large amounts of compact, neon-green nugs with spindles of orange hairs and amber trichomes.

Platinum Yeti is unavailable as seeds or clones.


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