Source Orb 4 Wax Vaporizer


Source Orb 4 Wax Vaporizer Details

* 1 x Source Orb 4 Attachment
* 1 x 650mAh Sub-Ohm Variable Voltage Battery
* 1 x Quartz Single Coil Atomizer
* 1 x Quartz Double Coil Atomizer
* 1 x White Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer
* 1 x Black Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer
* 1 x Terra 2 Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer
* 1 x Source Nail Coil-less Atomizer (Removable Bucket)
* 1 x USB Charger
* 1 x Premium Dab Tool
* 1 x Silicone Wax Container
* 1 x Cleaning Cloth
* 1 x Wall Adapter

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Source Orb 4 wax Vaporizer – Premium Kit┬áis the latest version of one of Source Vapes’ best-selling wax pen vaporizers. As always, Source is leading the way in wax vape pen innovation, and the newly released Source Orb 4 is without a doubt one of the most powerful, versatile and practical wax pens available today. Some updates you’ll see on the Orb 4 include new advanced atomizers, magnetic locking technology, stainless steel 303 construction, a new variable airflow system (VAS), as well as 8 variable voltage/temperature settings. You can find the best temperature for your preferred vaping style and wax concentrates, then adjust the airflow for whatever size clouds you want. The Source Orb 4 Premium Kit is ideal for dab enthusiasts who want a variety of vapor profiles while still enjoying a portable vaping experience. With a menu of atomizers to choose from, and a suite of advanced features, Source Orb 4 – Premium Kit is the ultimate wax pen.
* USA Tested
* 510 Threaded
* Lifetime Warranty
* 6 Advanced Atomizers
* Variable Airflow System
* USA Tested Titanium Coils
* Magnetic Lock Technology
* Stainless Steel 303 Construction
* Variable Voltage/Temperature Battery
* Compatible w/ Orb 3 and Source Nail Atomizers


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