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Tropic Thunder is a mysterious Maui Wowie cross that exhibits colorful buds and floral aromas. The strain’s moderate potency makes it suitable for consumption any time of the day, offering a mellow and manageable buzz that elevates the mood and alleviates stress. Its floral aroma transforms into a bitter, herbaceous mixture of flavors upon combustion or vaporization. Tropic Thunder has been used for a variety of ailments, but excels when contending with depression, inflammation, and muscle spasms.

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Tropic Thunder strain, and no, not the movie, is a sativa dominant hybrid from an unknown strain of the Maui Wowie family. Featuring a floral aroma that is not too overpowering, it has a pretty appearance that features lime green and purple hues. With a slightly floral, slightly bitter, and grape Kool-Aid sort of taste when smoked, this strain of weed is as good for medicating during the day as it is well into the evening. After smoking this strain you can expect to feel relaxed, mellow, and have the urge to smile with a buzz that is calm and even. It has a mild potency level, and it is commonly used as medication to treat a broad variety of ailments, such as cancer, depression, asthma, fibromyalgia, AIDS, PTSD and muscle spasms, just to name a few. This strain is also good for relaxing after work as it helps calm you down, but it will not put you right to sleep.

If you are looking for a Sativa strain with easy, moderate energizing high, Tropic Thunder cannabis is an entirely right choice for you. Taking its roots from Maui Wowie, this mysterious marijuana strain pleases consumers with its bright floral aroma and bitter flavor notes.

Tropic Thunder’s moderate weed of around 18-19% THC makes it suitable for the morning and daytime use. It is also a food option for beginner smokers or anybody who wants to get a mild high that won’t interrupt daily tasks.

Tropic Thunder strain shares its name with an action-comedy from 2008 and they have something in common. This weed’s high is also full of laughing, active and socializing. Consumers admit the boost of creativity and focus and recommend using it before daily chores or fun with friends.

Without deep sedation, it still gives the body a warm and happy relaxing sensation. Some smokers use it to alleviate stress, inflammation and pains.

Tropic Thunder is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was conceived as a cross between Maui Waui and another unknown strain. This strain is highly regarded for its fluorescent buds and tropical terpene profile. As a moderately potent hybrid strain, Tropic Thunder is great for usage during any time of the day and its THC levels average around 18-20%. The buzz of Tropic Thunder is considered as mellow, relaxing and it exhibits uplifting cerebral effects. Medicinally, this strain is ideal for those seeking help with depression, inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. Just like the name may suggest, the aroma of this strain is very tropical, with notes of sweet, pungent pineapples and mangoes.


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